Deluxe Porta Potty

A deluxe porta potty is a more upscale portable toilet that offers more comfort and luxury than a basic porta potty. They are great for special events, weddings, corporate events, festivals, and any other outdoor event where attendees require clean and pleasant bathroom facilities.

Here Are Some of the Premium Porta Toilets That We Have To Offer

Standard Deluxe Porta Potty – Our most popular deluxe porta potty, has a flushing toilet, a sink with running water, a soap dispenser, a paper towel dispenser, and a mirror.

VIP Deluxe Porta Potty – The VIP Deluxe Porta Potty is the pinnacle of luxury portable toilets. It includes all of the standard deluxe porta potty’s amenities, as well as a built-in air conditioning unit, full-length mirror, and vanity with sink.

ADA Deluxe Porta Potty – Our ADA deluxe porta potty is intended for wheelchair users and individuals with disabilities. It has a bigger door for easier access, a handrail for support, and a roomy interior.

Characteristics of Deluxe Porta Potties

  1. Flushing toilet: Unlike a conventional porta potty, a deluxe porta potty includes a flushing toilet, making your guests’ experience more sanitary and comfortable.
  2. A deluxe porta potty has a sink with running water, allowing your guests to wash their hands and stay clean and fresh during the event.
  3. Soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser: A deluxe porta potty comes with a soap dispenser and a paper towel dispenser to ensure your guests’ cleanliness.
  4. Mirror: A premium porta toilet has a mirror, so your guests may check their appearance and freshen up.
  5. Air conditioning (VIP only): The VIP luxury porta toilet has an air conditioning unit, which keeps your guests cool and comfortable.
  6. Vanity with sink (VIP only): The VIP luxury porta potty has a vanity with a sink, making your guests feel pampered.

The Advantages of Renting a Porta Potty

Renting a porta toilet is a convenient alternative for outdoor gatherings where facilities are in short supply. Rather than walking long distances to find a restroom, guests can utilize the on-site porta-potty.

Sanitation: A porta toilet provides a clean and sanitary alternative for your guests, preventing them from using unclean and unsanitary facilities.

Renting a porta toilet is a more cost-effective choice than establishing permanent facilities.

Dimensions that could be considered:

A deluxe porta potty’s dimensions might vary based on the type and style. They are typically larger than regular porta toilets, giving your guests more space and comfort. Here are some examples of possible dimensions:

4’W x 4’D x 8’H Standard Deluxe Porta Potty

VIP Deluxe Porta Potty Dimensions: 5’W x 5’D x 8’H

6’W x 8’D x 8’H ADA Deluxe Porta Potty

When Should Someone Consider Renting One

If you are hosting an outdoor event and require a simple, clean, and sanitary solution for your guests’ restroom needs, consider renting a deluxe porta potty. They are great for weddings, business gatherings, festivals, concerts, sporting events, and any other outdoor event when restrooms are in short supply.

Why Renting a Luxury Porta Toilet Would Be a Good Idea

Outdoor weddings: If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll want your guests to be comfortable and have access to clean, beautiful facilities. Renting a premium porta potty will provide a great experience for your guests.

business events: When preparing a business event, you want to provide your attendees with the finest experience possible. Throughout the event, a deluxe porta potty will ensure that your guests have access to clean and sanitary facilities.

Festivals and concerts: If you are planning a festival or concert, you must give your attendees a convenient and sanitary restroom solution. Renting a premium porta toilet will ensure that your visitors are comfortable and can fully enjoy the event.


Finally, if you are arranging an outdoor event and want to provide your guests with a comfortable and sanitary restroom solution, you may consider renting a deluxe porta potty. Our Hollywood provides a variety of superior porta potties to match your individual requirements.

Our products include a flushing toilet, a sink with flowing water, a soap dispenser, a paper towel dispenser, a mirror, air conditioning, and a vanity with a sink. Renting a porta toilet is a cost-effective and convenient alternative that will ensure a great experience for your guests. To learn more about our products and services, please contact us immediately.